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HI, I'm Laura

Laura Gerwin believes life should be lived in flip-flops and has traveled the world, capturing breathtaking moments, big and small, from behind the lens. Durning her 20 years of photography, Laura has developed a refreshing creative touch and a keen artistic eye. From her home life in New Mexico to her adventures at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Laura captures moments from the extraordinary to the mundane with a sparkling charm. She looks to create photographs that are more than just images; photographs that tell a story with emotion and energy.


In every environment Laura has worked in -- from the sands of Egypt to the ice of Antarctica -- she consistently captures the fleeting moments that will take your breath away. She brings this skill to her photography, along with a joy for the occasion, and a passion for her work. From capturing the moments as they happen to distinct shots of light and setting, Laura will preserve the excitement and uniqueness of the landscape. She has an eye for the moments that you will want to remember forever. Her photographs are infused with color and are certain to make you smile. Specializing in Travel and Wedding Photography around the world, Laura documents life as it happens from behind her lens. 

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